Monday, August 16, 2010

Saving Money, Senior Year, and.... Getting Married

Saving Money:

Today, Blake and I tried our hand at "extreme couponing." We scoured the sale papers, cut coupons (okay, by "we," I mean "I" - Blake just did the shopping!), and made lists of everything we could get and what coupons we had to get it. We went to three different stores... Target was a bust. I accidentally confused last week's sale paper with this week and thought we'd get a deal on something, but we didn't. I was bummed, ready to quit. Then, we went to CVS - I spent $15 and saved $14. That's a win! I got two $5 Oral-B toothbrushes for just $2.49! That alone is a savings of $7.50! Then, we hit up The Pub(lix). I spent $103, saved $40. Blake spent $86, saved $38. I'll take that! For our first go round at "real" coupon using, I think we did quite well. I can't wait to try again next week!

Senior Year:

It just hit me that Wednesday (which is also my 25th birthday) will be my first last day of classes for my undergrad. This semester, I will have classes two days a week and I will teach in an elementary classroom three full days a week (24hrs/wk). Needless to say, the semester will be busy! In January, I will start a full-time internship at an elementary school. In May, I will graduate! And, Lord willing, next summer I will be preparing for a classroom of my own! It's exciting to think about all the things that will happen in the next year - graduating, getting a job, and getting married! I almost convinced myself that Blake & I should start trying to have a baby sometime soon after we get married... it took me all of about 25 minutes to re-think that idea. :)

Getting Married:

Last Wednesday, Blake & I booked our caterer and decorator/florist. At the end of the day, I felt EXTREMELY productive! We have a location, pastors, a wedding party (though not entirely complete b/c we haven't picked a flower girl or ring bearer!), a photographer, a cake, my dress, a caterer, and now a decorator/florist, plus the 100000 friends who have said they want to help us! That's a lot!

Then I remembered how many more things have to get done before June 25! Bridesmaid's dresses and shoes, groomsmen's tuxes, videographer, games/entertainment, rehearsal dinner, invitations, thank you cards, registering, planning a honeymoon... the list goes on and on.

Though it's a lot, I know it will all get done and it's fun work. Even when it's stressful, it's fun because I know that at around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 25th, I will have not just A husband, but THE best husband that God could've sent to me!!

Those are all the updates for this week!

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