Sunday, November 8, 2015

Two Months of Macey!

Two months ago, Macey Ellen came into our lives and - WOW! - what a crazy two months it has been! Macey is still just the sweetest little baby! She is very mellow and easygoing. She is the perfect addition to our family!

So... I'm gonna keep this short and sweet!

Eat = Macey eats every 3 hours and goes 7-8 hours at night. She takes between 3-4 ounces at each feeding and seems to tolerate it well! We are trying to wean her from the 5 a.m. feeding since it is so close to our desired wake-up time (now 6:30 am instead of 7 since I have to go back to work tomorrow!). She has started spitting up a little more, but she doesn't seemed bothered by it! Macey is also a very busy eater - sometimes she wiggles around so much while she eats that it's hard to hold her! 

Activity = Macey smiles SO much! Half of her awake time is spent with us getting her to smile! She loves the little mobile on her swing... makes me wonder if we should get one for her crib. She holds her head up fairly well and has also started turning her head towards noise. According to "Wonder Weeks," she's currently in a leap where she should start being even more aware of her surroundings. So, far, I'd say that's true! She is definitely more aware of us, who's doing what, and looks around to figure out what's happening in the room. Thankfully Macey is also usually really good about being put down... it's hard to juggle two kids sometimes, so I'm glad she's happy to chill in her bouncer while we attend to the other kiddo!

Sleep = Sleep... oh, sleep... while Macey does go 7-8 hours between feedings at night, she still cries out or makes noises for other reasons during the night. We're currently trying to stop using the rocking motion on her Rock & Play because she wakes up as soon as it turns off! She has become dependent on it. Eventually the goal is to move her into her & Maleah's room, but we want her to be sleeping soundly through the night first. Naps are pretty good... she sleeps for about 1.5-2 hours at a time (with some random waking). 

Our daily routine looks a little like this... the morning has been a little crazy because she's waking during the 5 o'clock hour, but so far this works most days:

5-5:30 a.m. - Macey wakes to eat, we get up for the day
6:30 - try to get Macey to take another 2-4oz, get both girls up and ready for the day
9:30/12:30/3:30 - Macey eats
6pm - we eat dinner
6:30 - Macey eats, then we do baths and play until bedtime
7:30 - Macey usually falls asleep by this time and we start getting Maleah off to bed 
10pm - Blake feeds Macey a "dream feed" and we go to bed!

I also pump during the day... right now at 5:15, 7:45, 11:15, 2:15, 5:15, 9:30. I'm trying to change to 5:15, 7:45, 11:45, 3:45, 9:30... but I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving to do that.

Life is going great... it's really hard, to be honest, but it's worth it! We love our girls so much and want to provide the best little life for them! It can be quite challenging at times, but I have never had a better job!!!

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