Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Macey: 38 weeks

This will probably be my last post before Macey arrives! I honestly can't even get my brain to function anymore, so... I doubt I'll be in any shape to write for a little while. But here's the 38 week update for little Macey girl!

Heart Rate: 140-something. Healthy and strong!

Stats: For a few weeks, I didn't gain any weight. My appetite here at the end has been rather finicky so I wasn't surprised that my weight gain slowed. All in all, I've now gained 25 pounds! Macey seems to be growing right on track - ever since we had a little stall in growth, my doctor hasn't told me my fundal height at my appointments. I assume that means I'm measuring a tad behind and that she doesn't want me to worry! At our 35 week ultrasound, they estimated that Macey weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces. So she's growing just fine!

Symptoms: I actually feel pretty decent for being this pregnant! I think I've just finally adjusted to all of the weird pregnancy symptoms and, if nothing else, I know the end is near! I'm very grateful to be really healthy, not have swollen feet and - don't be jealous - no stretch marks! So I guess I'm just so happy about the problems I'm not having to really dwell on the things that aren't so lovely!

Appetite: My appetite is so-so. If I am able to eat whatever it is I'm really craving, I can pack away some food! Today I ate a huge chicken gyro and a big bowl of rice for lunch! YUM YUM! But you know what REALLY tastes good ALL THE TIME? PELLET ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Movement: Macey has been quite wiggly the past few days! She has kept me up the past couple of nights as she stretches. Usually her feet are WAY over to my right side. But last night she had her feet right up against my rib cage! Not cool, little one! 

Sleeping: One day I'm going to sleep on my stomach again and it's going to be GREAT!!! The past several nights, I have been taking Tylenol PM to help me sleep. It's not that I just can't sleep, but my hips are so sore that I can only lay on my side for so long. And rolling over is an acrobatic act, so I have to wake up in order to move to my other side. So, there's lots of tossing and turning in the night. The Tylenol PM helps me stay drowsy enough that, even though I am waking up 5, 6, 7 times a night, I can go back to sleep very quickly. I also wake up to eat around 2/3 and I stay up for maybe 30 minutes to an hour before being able to go back to sleep. I've actually gotten used to this routine, so I am really interested to see how much of a sleep hangover I'll have in the far far far far far away future when I can actually get a full night's rest!

Looking Forward To: HAVING THIS BABY!!! It's SO close! I just cannot wait for her to be here!!! I have packed her bag and am so eager to see her in all of her precious little clothes. Maleah's ready (claiming "Macey's ready to come out!" almost every day), Blake is giddy with excitement, and I'm just hoping I can get all the laundry done before she's born!

Loving: These last days of pregnancy. This will most likely be my last pregnancy, so the end is a little bittersweet. This pregnancy has been much more physically demanding than my first and I'll be the first to admit that I have done a lot of griping! But, it is honestly the sweetest experience. I love having my girl with me all day - even when her little feet are tapping on my ribs. The idea of having two kids is just completely surreal to me. You only have one mom, one dad, one husband... but... I get to have two kids! That's amazing! I am so grateful to have been able to carry two beautiful girls and to see them grow! 

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