Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Confessional: I Once Failed a Class to Watch Family Feud

Last winter, some people in our Sunday School class played "Never Have I Ever." I LOVE this game. But, my husband thought it would be funny to pick me out every time it was his turn.

"I have never had a new car since turning 16." (I'm on #4.)

"I have never worked in a fast food restaurant."(Subway, for like 2 months. ALTHOUGH, Blake Ball DID work at Chuck E. Cheese as a teenager!!!)

"I have never failed a college course". (UGH!!!)

THANKFULLY I was not the ONLY person who had to get up, but I definitely had the worst reason for having actually FAILED - and I DO MEAN failed - a college class.

It was Biology, and I actually really liked the class. But, you see, it was scheduled for EXACTLY the same time as Family Feud!!! I was the only one out of my friend group that had a class at this hour and so they were all at home watching Family Feud together and I had to go to boring Biology.

It started with one skip. "Give the devil an inch..." You don't have to tell me. Then it was twice in one week. Then maybe another time. And before you knew it I had completely ignored my Biology class and spent my time screaming "Number one answer on the board is...." and "Let's Play THE FEUD!" and "Surrrrrvey Says...!!!". By the time I actually cared about my biology grade, it was too late to drop the course and too late to pull it up much higher. I took the final, bombed it, and failed the whole class!

Y'all. This was just so dumb of me! I have to admit this was Semester SIX of college - I should've known better. But, you have to remember, I hated the first three years of my college experience because I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do and had no motivation to do well in most of my classes.

This is when I decided to take a break. I took three semesters off from college before going back. I was determined to finish a degree, but I just needed some time to get my act together! When I went back, I made just ONE "B" in three years. And that was because my finite math instructor clucked like a chicken and also I was trying to read the second Twilight book and opted out of some of my homework. So, that means I made more A's in college than anything else.

Oh, and I took biology again and made an A. :)

Technically I graduated from UA with a 4.0 and my diploma does say I graduated summa cum laude. My overall GPA is somewhere in the 3.5's. So, all in all, I think I did pretty well after I finally decided what I wanted to get a degree in. Only trouble is - now I don't really use that degree!!! But, I will, one day. I promise. Blake & I have a plan but we have to get through his PhD first. :)

Anyway, there's my funny confession of the week. :)

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