Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Ball: Week 25

Today was blood sugar test day! This was the first appointment Blake couldn't attend, so my mom tagged along and kept me company while waiting. Thankfully I passed the test and had a great visit! Here's a quick update:

Weight Gained: 3 pounds (6 total, plus the 10 I lost and gained back!)

Belly Measurement: 26 cm

Maleah's Heart Rate: 153

Other things going on over the last four weeks:

Movement: This little love is a very busy baby! She's always up to something. I love it! My favorite is when she pushes herself out and we can actually feel the shape of her body. Sometimes it's almost like we're holding her! Last week, I felt her having the hiccups for the first time which was a little weird!

Daddy's Girl: Maleah has finally started responding to Blake's voice, which is a relief for him! She'll move around while he talks to her and he has felt her move dozens of times.

Symptoms: Sleepless nights (thank goodness for Tylenol PM), a little morning sickness (I thought those days were gone???), and general aches and pains (ow my back hurts!). And I guess I should admit that I've been a teency weency bit more emotional than usual.

Cravings: Still in love with Subway sandwiches!!! Mostly I am just craving food in general. I'm constantly hungry and pretty much everything sounds good to me! My sweet tooth has really started coming back, too, which I am excited about!

Aversions: Nothing, really! Still not a fan of anything too sweet (icing, fruity candy, milk chocolate, etc.). I have also cooked, eaten, and enjoyed chicken a few times since my last post. It seemed to be a fleeting aversion.

Prepping for Baby: We put together Maleah's crib!! Hopefully her dresser will arrive in the next few weeks and we can put it together and really figure out the layout of her room. I can't wait to have her room set up so I can daydream about her being here!

Our next visit is in mid-November. I will be 29 1/2 weeks pregnant at that point, which is CRAZY! We will have our 4D ultrasound at that visit, so I'm really hoping these next four weeks fly by!! I can't wait to see her again. I hope she is cooperative, but I really just want to see her again and know that she is healthy!

Blake and I are getting so excited about her arrival. The idea of our baby girl gets more and more real every day. Fifteen weeks to go!!

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