Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Love Affair

It's not what you think... despite the crazy dreams I have about ex-boyfriends, the love affair I'm having is not with another man. It's with a color.


Leave it to me, Mrs. Purple-Is-And-Will-Always-Be-My-Favorite-Color, to simultaneously fall in love with the color blue. I don't consider it full-on cheating since purple is basically just a variation of blue, right?? Anyhoo, no matter the technicalities, I am obsessed with blue (and apparently I'm not the only one - just look at all the different blues in this house tour!)!!! I also love golden yellow, but I have banned myself from buying any more golden yellow pieces. Blue, however, is still on the table!

Shake-down of colors in our living space:

Blue DIY Chevron art above the entertainment center...

Blue afghan (crocheted by my mom!) on the couch (and here you see some of the glorious golden yellow!) Oh, and take note of the frames above the couch. There's one frame missing on the bottom right, but they're all about to get doused in spray-paint featuring light blue, navy blue, golden yellow, and coral! We need a little color in our cream-covered apartment!

Blue rims on our plates (yes, that's Lenox Chirp)

Blue on the giant map in the dining room 

Navy blue (though it looks black here) DIY art in the hallway

Blue flower votive in the dining room 

  Blue faux flowers in these cool vases from CB2
(The light is horrible on this wall... I couldn't get a good picture!)  

Blue print shower curtain

Pale blue towels 

Bright blue decor on the patio (plus a growing succulent!)

Blue accents in the pillows (I guess I could've tucked the tag under for this photo!)

Blue hanging baskets on the patio

All of that PLUS we alternate cream sheets on our bed with blue ones and if we could paint, our bedroom would be a slate blue-grey. AND if we have a baby before my obsession with blue fades, the baby's room will have a heavy dose of teal! I just love blue.

What makes blue so appealing? Is it the wide variety of shades? I didn't even realize we had so much blue goin' on until a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't feel like we're living in a sea of blue because of the variation of hues and the way in which the color is represented. In some ways it's understated (the navy blue in the hallway) and in other ways it's bold (the shower curtain). Maybe it's because it goes with so much? Bright blue and red; baby blue and gold; blue and green (and purple - in our bedroom!); blue and pink; blue and white. You get it. Not many colors adapt to so many pairings. And let's not forget that blue tends to have a calming effect. It definitely makes me feel peaceful!

Are there any colors you're obsessed with in your living space? Any colors you stay away from? Any colors you'd like to try?

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  1. Our obsessed color is green. It is in every room of our house! All different shades.